Unleashing Innovation: A Recap of the AI Hack Party in the Heart of San Francisco

Unleashing Innovation: A Recap of the AI Hack Party in the Heart of San Francisco
First AI Hack Party in Cerebral Valley

In the heart of San Francisco's vibrant Hayes Valley, a unique fusion of technology and celebration unfolded - the AI Hack Party by Pulze.ai and Weaviate, sponsored by Korbit.ai. It was not just a hackathon; it was a celebration of innovation, a convergence of minds, and a testament to the potential of LLMs to shape our future.

With an impressive turnout of around 10 teams passionately crafting projects, the majority leveraging the robust capabilities of Pulze.ai, the event unfolded as a hub of creativity and collaboration. Beyond the coding frenzy, the AI Hack Party welcomed individuals eager to network and absorb insights from enlightening workshops, providing a holistic experience for all attendees keen on delving into the expansive realm of code reviews, model routing, vector databases or RAG.

What unified this diverse gathering was not just the shared passion for tech and shipping projects but also the delightful aroma of great paella, skillfully prepared by the owner of the hacker house. This added a flavorful touch to the event, fostering connections and conversations that went beyond lines of code, creating an atmosphere that was as rich in camaraderie as it was in technological prowess. We have not seen that at any previous hackathons, sometimes it just helps to keep it casual.

Historic Vibes and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Inspired by the tech legends that kickstarted their journeys in humble garages, the AI Hack Party recreated that same entrepreneurial spirit in a lively house setting. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as participants geared up to unleash their creativity and technical prowess. The setting truly inspired attendees, as one of them said: "Although I’ve attended around 10 hackathons this year and have enjoyed all of them, I’d have to say having one in someone’s home rather than an office made it a lot more fun." Shoutout to the owner of the house, Pedro - we will come back!

More Than Code: Fun and Casual Atmosphere

The AI Hack Party truly embodied its name, surpassing mere lines of code and algorithms to create an immersive experience that resonated with every participant. The atmosphere exuded a unique blend of cool sophistication and an unmistakable playful twist that set it apart from conventional hackathons. As you continue scrolling down, envision a dynamic fusion of vibrant discussions, spontaneous collaborations, and the constant hum of creativity filling the air. The event seamlessly transcended the traditional boundaries of a hackathon, transforming into a celebration where innovation thrived, and connections were forged not just in the lines of code but in the shared laughter, animated discussions, and the collective spirit that defined this extraordinary party.

Workshops, Networking, and Challenges

The day was packed with interactive workshops. Weaviate, at the forefront of open source vector search technology, offered an immersive workshop delving into the intricacies of their innovative AI-native vector DB. Adam, Developer Relations Engineer, talked about seamlessly building Weaviate into modern software applications, showcasing the platform's simplified storage and retrieval, pre-built modules, and their Golden RAGtriever - Verba (open-source RAG app).

Meanwhile, Korbit.ai conducted workshops focusing on how Korbit's AI Mentor is a transformative tool that not only identifies and resolves coding issues but also actively contributes to the ongoing improvement of code quality. The workshop showed how Korbit fosters a culture of continuous learning and gave a live demo and how a real-time code review looks like. Attendees were surprised after submitting their final projects how many improvements were made to their code with AI Mentor.

Networking opportunities abounded, allowing participants to mingle with the best and brightest in the AI community.

Korbit.ai workshop on code-reviews

Pulze.ai took the stage to provide a deep dive into their platform's intelligent routing capabilities. Through an interactive session, participants learned how Pulze.ai empowers developers to unleash the full potential of integrating all best-in-class LLMs with one API into their AI projects.

Innovative challenges tested the mettle of participants, prompting them to tackle exciting prompts and problems with their unique solutions. Prizes and surprises were generously sprinkled throughout the event, keeping the excitement levels high.

And then came the Basement Afterparty, a rave where participants could let loose, unwind, dance, and celebrate their victories with fellow enthusiasts. It was the perfect blend of work and play, a fitting conclusion to a day filled with creativity and collaboration.

The Projects

As the hackathon concluded, participants showcased their projects, each a testament to innovation and ingenuity. Among the outstanding submissions were:

  1. BookStream
    BookStream is a voice-driven application that provides personalized book recommendations. This solution offers a unique, hands-free way to discover new books tailored to users' preferences. It is built on top of Weaviate, Pulze, Twilio and ElevenLabs, find more information in the teams' product overview.
  2. AIGen & Pulze
    Two AI models in a conversation to find the best solutions. AIGen focuses on saving humanity, while Pulze AI opens up a world of possibilities. Future of AI dialogues!
  3. Aileen Bot
    Watch out parents. Aileen Bot is the new best parent assistant. It creates weekly digests & helps parents navigate school events, using RAG Q&A and Pulze.
  4. Top Stories Cruncher
    Top Stories Cruncher condenses the day's top news stories into one article. A real-time web browsing tool on @pulze, ideal for news websites seeking integrated search functionality.
  5. Glowby
    Glowby by Glowbom is a multilingual AI assistant that creates the most humorous responses in several languages and accents. It is powered by Pulze so connects to all best-in-class LLMs.

The teams were also able to quickly install and use Korbit AI Mentor to do fast code reviews to detect and resolve issues. It accelerated the debugging process so hackers could finish their project way faster.

These projects demonstrated the diverse applications of AI, from enhancing our coffee experiences to providing hands-free book recommendations and engaging in meaningful dialogues for the future.


The grand finale of the AI Hack Party unfolded in the basement afterparty, a vibrant celebration that kicked off immediately after the announcement of the hackathon winners. As the excitement reached its peak, our CEO, Fabian, took center stage behind the turntables. The basement transformed into a pulsating dance floor where participants, winners, and industry experts alike came together to let loose, unwind, and celebrate the culmination of a day filled with innovation and collaboration. Against a backdrop of dynamic beats, the party unfolded into the early hours of the morning, creating an unforgettable atmosphere where the spirit of the AI Hack Party continued to thrive long after the hackathon had come to an end. The afterparty wasn't just a conclusion to the event; it was a continuation of the festivities, a testament to the enduring energy and passion that defined the AI Hack Party experience.

Afterparty preparation in the basement

A Shoutout to the Attendees

We extend a heartfelt shoutout to everyone who made it to the AI Hack Party, especially those who brought their demos to life. The event celebrated the collective brilliance of the participants, with a special mention for the 1st place winner, who created CaffAI Mate. CaffAI Mate is a RAG application built with weaviate's vector search technology. It provides answers to all your coffee-related questions and recommendations. Awesome project, especially useful for all coffee lovers in SF.

Conclusion: A Gateway to the Future of AI

The AI Hack Party in San Francisco was more than just a hackathon; it was a gateway to the next big breakthrough in AI. Whether you were a seasoned developer, a budding entrepreneur, or simply AI-curious, the event provided a platform to bring ideas to life, foster innovation, and celebrate the limitless potential of LLMs.

As the night concluded with laughter, cheers, and the thumping beats of the Basement Afterparty, it was evident that the AI Hack Party had succeeded in creating an unforgettable experience, leaving participants inspired and ready to continue pushing the boundaries of AI innovation. The future of technology indeed looked bright, and it was celebrated in the heart of San Francisco.

Marvin Zurkuhle

Marvin Zurkuhle

San Francisco