TEDAI 2023 Hackathon: A Deep Dive into Pulze Powered Projects

TEDAI 2023 Hackathon: A Deep Dive into Pulze Powered Projects
TEDAI 2023 Hackathon Presentations at Shack 15 in San Francisco

The recent TEDAI Hackathon organized by Cerebral Valley was nothing short of exceptional. With over 300 hackers participating and 24 hours of non-stop coding, creativity, and caffeine, it's no wonder that the resulting projects are reshaping the landscape of AI applications. More than 60 builders have leveraged Pulze, the leading Dynamic LLM Automation Platform, to develop their applications. In this quick post we will outline a few of the Pulze powered apps that the teams have delivered.

One standout participant that reached the finals was "Generative UI." This revolutionary tool redefines web application development, allowing intricate web designs to emerge from mere prompts. Generative UI's approach, combined with Pulze's capabilities, sets a new benchmark in web app development, demonstrating the transformative power of AI when integrated with the right tools.

Generative UI

  • Inspiration: The contemporary digital landscape demands rapid web app creation with minimal manual coding. While many platforms promise streamlined web app development, they often fall short in offering genuine flexibility and customizability. Generative UI emerged from the aspiration to let anyone, irrespective of their technical proficiency, craft complex web applications merely through intuitive prompts.
  • Features:
    • Prompt-Based App Creation: With a simple prompt, the system generates comprehensive web apps, including intricate functionalities.
    • Functional Web Interfaces: Beyond just static designs, the platform delivers operational web interfaces, even embedding JavaScript functionalities.
    • Innovative Autonomy: The system's independence is evident when it chose to craft its solution while many awaited Vercel v0.
  • How It Works: Generative UI leverages advanced AI models to understand user prompts and instantly crafts a web interface aligning with the requirements. Whether you need a complex e-commerce site or a minimalistic blog, a mere prompt sets the AI in motion, delivering a functional web interface in no time.
  • Implementation with Pulze: The brilliance of Generative UI lies in its backend, powered by Pulze. By harnessing Pulze's capabilities in:
    • RAG Pipelines: Generative UI efficiently retrieves and processes relevant data, ensuring the generated web app is both accurate and responsive to the user's prompt.
    • Model Selection: With an array of AI models at its disposal, Pulze’s Model Selection ensures that Generative UI directs its data to the most suitable model for processing.
    • Dynamic LLM Request Routing: This ensures that the process remains fluid and efficient, optimizing both the speed and accuracy of the generated output.

Among the numerous innovative projects, there were a few that particularly stood out, utilizing Pulze as their backbone. These projects distinctly highlighted Pulze's strengths in RAG Pipelines, Model Selection and Dynamic LLM Request Routing.

RAG Pipelines: Revolutionizing Data Extraction and Query Answering

RAG, or Retrieval Augmented Generation, pipelines have redefined the way data is retrieved and processed. These pipelines excel in extracting relevant information to answer complex queries.


Inspiration: Conference video libraries hold a wealth of untapped potential. With advancements in AI chatbots, we can now extract, summarize, and even hold comprehensive conversations on video content.


  • Semantic Video Library Search: As a YouTube channel owner, you can allow viewers to search across all your videos semantically.
  • Automated Summaries: Extracted highlights and top moments from videos.
  • AI Chatbot Interaction: Engage with a chatbot that's powered by the video content and responds using the YouTuber’s or speaker’s voice.

How it Works: VideoBrain seamlessly integrates Twelve Labs for video content search and highlight detection. ElevenLabs is employed for voice cloning and text-to-speech, while Weaviate and Pulze.ai power the Rag content. The YouTube API facilitates channel video retrieval and transcription.

Implementation with Pulze: Pulze's strength in RAG pipelines enabled VideoBrain to offer a semantic video library search, extracting automated summaries and providing AI chatbot interactions based on video content.

Full project details on GitHub

Model Selection and Dynamic LLM Request Routing: Optimal Decision Making in Real-Time

This area focuses on directing user queries to the most suitable AI model, ensuring accurate and timely responses. It's like having a traffic controller for AI models, ensuring each query gets directed to the most efficient route.

Highlight: Crux

Inspiration: Every presenter's dream is to deliver flawless presentations, captivating the audience from start to finish. However, crafting such a presentation requires a deep understanding of content quality, delivery style, and audience engagement. Recognizing this gap, Crux was designed to provide actionable feedback for presenters, ensuring their message is conveyed powerfully and effectively.


    • Voice-cloning Technology: For users to understand and emulate optimal delivery.
    • Feedback from Renowned Communicators: Constructive critiques offering unparalleled insights into presentation refinement.
    • Deep Analysis: Goes beyond just superficial feedback, diving deep into the content, body language, and speech patterns.

How It Works: Crux analyzes a user's presentation, assessing various elements like content, body language, and speaking pace. By doing so, it identifies areas of improvement and provides the user with actionable feedback. In the demo, a user pitches a startup idea, "bad booat," about AI-driven freight logistics. The initial pitch lacks clarity, but after Crux's analysis, the presentation becomes more structured and impactful.

Implementation with Pulze: Crux's core strength lies in its ability to accurately assess presentations and offer relevant feedback. Powered by Pulze's Model Scoring/Benchmarking for Routing, Crux efficiently routes the data it processes to the optimal AI model for analysis. This ensures that the feedback provided is not only accurate but also tailored to the specific needs of the presentation in question.

Wrapping Up:

The TEDAI Hackathon showed what happens when people work together with the right tools. With Pulze's help, developers can quickly make advanced LLM applications. They can focus on building new big apps, like the next Netflix or YouTube, while Pulze takes care of the technical stuff. Kudos to all participants, especially the teams leveraging Pulze, for making a difference in the AI space!

Setting up the booth

Note: A special thanks to the judges and sponsors including @elevenlabsio, @twelve_labs, @cerebral_valley, and @TEDAI2023 for making the event a grand success!

Fabian Baier

Fabian Baier

Founder of Pulze.ai
San Francisco